2019 Summer Program


Prof. Helmut Tuerk, in 1965 he joined the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, serving as Legal Advisor, Deputy Secretary–General, Ambassador to the United States of America as well as to the Holy See. Subsequently he was elected President of the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority in Jamaica, where he also held the position of Chairman of the Review Committee. In recognition of his contributions to the development of international law and his academic writings he was appointed a Professor by the Austrian Federal President.


Prof. Kening ZHANG, Professor of Law and Director of Laboratory on International Seabed Resources, at the South China Sea Institute of Xiamen University. He is also Adjunct Professor of Law at Peking University Law School and Renmin University of China Law School. Professor Zhang was formerly Principal Legal Officer and Interim Director-General of the Enterprise of the International Seabed Authority and member on the United Nations Committee Against Torture . He also served as Counselor and Legal Advisor with the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations.


Prof. Kristin Bartenstein, full professor at the Faculty of Law, Laval University, Canada.Her research concentrates on public international law,the international law of the sea as well as legal theory and methodology and interdisciplinary exchange. She has published extensively on issues ranging from Arctic continental shelves to the cooperation under the Arctic Council,the legal coherence of political discourses on the Arctic and Arctic navigation.Currently,she is leading a Canadian interdisciplinary research group investigating the consequences of the new Polar Code on Canadian regulatory shipping regimes.


Prof. Xinjun Zhang, Associate Professor of Public International Law at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He is the Executive Director of the Center for the Law of the Sea Study in Tsinghua Law School. His research interests include the Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law, Non-proliferation Law and the Law of Treaties. Publication includes:Bifurcation in Inter-State Cases,University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law(Penn JIL), forthcoming;Nonappearance and Procedural Delicacy: Some Observations on the Tribunal's Handling of Jurisdiction in the South China Sea Arbitration.